Peruvian avocado and quinoa salad
  1. Boil a small pan full of water. Rinse the raw quinoa and add to the boiling water. Stir regularly and simmer on low heat for about 10 mins.
  2. Meanwhile, put the sweetcorn into a dry frying pan (no oil) and place on a medium to high heat. Cook for 5 minutes and turn occasionally until the sweetcorn is toasted.
  3. Wash the cooked quinoa using a sieve in cold water, then mash with a ladle or serving spoon, removing the moisture.
  4. Put the quinoa in a large bowl and mix with olive oil, coriander, sweetcorn, tomatoes, onions, lime zest and red chilli pepper. Season with pepper.
  5. Remove the avocado’s flesh with a large spoon and cut into thin slices. Toss with the fresh lime juice. Add the avocado and nuts to the salad and mix gently together before serving.